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Upload PDFs, videos, and other common files into study sets or even notes with AI

Like for example your teacher/professor uploads a large PDF for the unit. You could download this PDF, come to your favorite studying website (which is obviously Omnisets), and upload it. The uploaded file would be scanned through by the AI, and the AI would pick the key most important points (leaving out the extra unnecessary fluff) and turn them into a study set or even notes. For the notes, they could be bulleted, highlighted, and sorted neatly in a concise fashion that can be later reviewed. You could transform your teachers long useless notes into a full set of actually useful and important informative notes. As for the uploaded video, it could scan through the video and pick out the key most important points based on the words being said. Let’s say the video is about adding numbers. Your teacher says “Welcome back guys it’s Mr. Smith … blah blah blah … to use the property of addition, you must do this!”, and it’d obviously hear or source out that “to use the property of addition, you must do this!”, is related to the topic “adding numbers”. In summary, I would like to request the ability to upload videos, PDFs, and other files into study sets, or even detailed notes. Though I don’t recall the ability to have notes being in this website, so maybe that could be a feature to look into first. I truly hope that the wonderful devs at Omnisets look into this, as I think it’d be useful. Thank you. Regards, Nick!!

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Feature Requests

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October 02, 2023

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