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creation of types of flashcards

I would like to be able to create different types of flashcards, for example, true and false, fill in the blanks,.... Sometimes the questions made by AI do not make sense so if I can create this question it would be more advantageous

The AI doesn't do anything special to generate fill in the blank flashcards. It's just underscores! If you use "Create with AI", you don't have the option to pick the types of questions. However, if you use "Create from note", you have the option to use Q&A Pairs, Fill in the blanks, Keyword-Definition, Generate Translations and Example Sentences.
I'd recommend that you don't TRY to create True or False flashcards by yourself. When you enter the Study Mode, it will generate True or False questions without you having to do so!


Feature Requests

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October 03, 2023

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