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Built in ChatGPT

Dear OmniSets, I would like to request a feature where there's a built in ChatGPT (OpenAI) into the website. This could be 3.5 to keep the website remaining free. If you would like to limit people since the cost could be expensive, you could make a premium have access to the ChatGPT 24/7, while free users have to "wait in line" when there's too many users. This idea was from Character AI. This ChatGPT could be used to answer your general school questions. It could be like having your professor with you at all times. For example this ChatGPT could read your PDFs or lecture videos and summarize them into better notes with the real information, leaving out the useless "fluff". Using the same idea it could also turn these into flashcards too. The AI could also chat with you while doing flashcards if you do not understand a concept, just like how it would chat with you over parts of the PDF or lecture video. The AI could also browse the web and have access to many resources that students would need to better help them. This would let the student do the important work, while the AI does the research and time consuming things. This can save time. I truly do hope this idea becomes apart of the website, as I think it would really help it out. Please do look into this. I have suggested this before, though it was on the old requests site, and I think it didn't really get looked on as much. No one is really talking about it, yet it'd be extremely helpful. Thank you very much. Best regards, Nick.

Hey I responded to this in the discord, that's probably better since u posted it there anyway!
I noticed. Thank you. I hope things like these make it's way to OmniSets.

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October 13, 2023

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