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Quiz yourself on any study set and prepare for tests. Our machine learning algorithms will pick out the best questions for you.



Take advantage of our spell tool to write terms and definitions and build your long term memory.



Improve short term memory and make learning fun by playing quick matching games.

Find and study anything.

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Adored by students.

I’ve finally had enough with quizlet and have been trying out different flashcard apps for the past hour. Yours had been the first to be simple/to the point as well as have everything that I regularly use to study with. So thank you.


Por lo general no doy feedback, pero esta aplicacion se lo merece, es fantastica! No puedo creer que sea gratis con todas las opciones que ofrece 😄


Omnisets has been amazing! I used Quizlet for multiple years, but it just kept getting greedier and greedier until I finally quit. While Omnisets may not yet have all the features that *paid* Quizlet does, it is advancing there at an amazing rate--they have so many updates, and it's all free! Additionally, the developers are incredibly nice, helpful and open."


I really like! I also like how there's a spaced repetition feature while also having other modes such as quiz and match. Above all, I like the simplicity and spaced repetition features of omnisets.


Omnisets is the best so far, i tried many websites out there but nothing comes close. Keep up the good work team!! Its just awesome!!


Community First.

Ever felt like you didn't have a say in things you use? Not anymore, we're a community driven platform and we want to hear from you. You can guarantee that your feedback reaches the right people.

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Frequent Questions

How many study sets can I create?

You can create as many studysets as you want!

Is there any way to organize my study sets?

Sure, you can create folders and add studysets and studyplans to them.

How is this different from other flashcard apps?

We combine advanced machine learning algorithms and incorporate it throughout OmniSets so that you can learn efficiently everywhere. Plus, we offer almost every mode, from spaced repetition to matching games and AI tools to make your studying easier.

How can I contact you guys?

Email us at [email protected], or join our discord

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