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November 19, 2023

Highlighting and Shuffle in Flashcard Mode

You can now highlight your text in flashcards and shuffle the cards in flashcards mode. We have some more awesome updates releasing soon so stay tuned 😎

Improvements & Fixes

November 12, 2023

Translate OmniSets into 107 languages!

You can use OmniSets in about 107 languages! While these are not an official translations, it's certainly a lot better than nothing.

To try it out, head over to settings, language and choose the option you'd like! .

That's pretty much it :)

Improvements & Fixes

November 09, 2023

Better AI Generation and Performance Improvements

Quick shoutout for your patience on the recent OmniSets performance hiccup – all smoothed out now, thanks to your understanding!

Now, onto some exciting news: brace yourselves for a turbocharged version of our Create from note and video AIs! Say goodbye to the old 3, 7, or sometimes 15 flashcards routine – we're cranking it up to nearly 50 flashcards for you. We know this has been something a lot of people have asked about and we're glad to deliver. Happy Studying!

Improvements & Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where study sessions would not save properly

  • Sharing is now easier than ever, with just a click of a button

  • Fixed an issue with long loading times for the Study mode for extra large sets

  • November 05, 2023

    Better Intelligent Grading and Simplified Explanations

    We're back again this week for some awesome new updates and features. Starting with the Study mode, Intelligent Grading has been heavily improved with options to even change the toughness! Additionally, when requesting explanations, you can choose to simplify them if they're a little too complex or wordy.

    If you get a written response question wrong in the study mode, your original response will be clearly shown, and the notifications will stay up and visible until you move on to the next question.

    Improvements & Fixes

    October 27, 2023

    Action Bar and Force Rewrites

    Wassup! This week we've released a couple new awesome features (as always 😎)! Starting with the Action Bar, it's a new way to get around OmniSets and perform some different actions, without having to click so much. Change font sizes, search for studysets, quickly create new studysets and more; all from one singular action bar.
    Force Rewrites are here! We've heard you! Sooo many (and I mean a lot) people have asked me if they can have an option to force a rewrite after they miss a written response question in the Study mode. You asked, we delivered. People study in all sorts of different ways, and I want OmniSets to fit into the way you personally study.
    In other news, the documentation has been updated for OmniSets! Find it at OmniSets Docs.

    Improvements & Fixes

    • 404 errors for folders has been fixed.
    October 14, 2023

    Some cool AI features just dropped!

    • OmniSets now has the ability to convert youtube videos into flashcards (its currently in beta and limited), give it a try and let us know what you think!
    • There is now a "Recently Deleted" or "Trash" view in the dashboard. Even though there was a confirm popup, people still accidentally deleted sets 😭, so now you can restore them from the Trash.
    • The title is now a lot easier to edit, you can do so in the card editor, just tap once and change the title. That's it.
    • Reporting has been fixed (Thank you to those who keep OmniSets safe and respectful ❤️)
    • Latin has been added as a supported language. We're in the process of adding a lot more, but it takes time :)

    Improvements & Fixes

    October 09, 2023

    Quiz and Study upgrades for this week!

    In Quiz mode, you'll now benefit from enhanced grading, complete with AI feedback, and the ability to identify and address skipped questions. You can also customize your Quiz length by selecting the number of questions you prefer. Additionally, if you find yourself stuck on a Written Response question, a helpful hint is just a quick "idk" or a similar input away. In Study mode, your previous sessions are conveniently available by default, but you can easily opt to clear and start anew through the settings menu. When importing content from external sources like Google Docs, you'll appreciate that formatting is now cleared, thanks to hanna_barazna. Plus, the export feature has been fixed, and text sizes for flashcards are now consistent across the entire platform. Lastly, your chosen language selection for a study set will persist in the editor.

    Improvements & Fixes

    Nothing here...
    September 29, 2023

    Rich text support and better formatting

    You can now add Bold, Italics, Strike Through, Lists and adjust text color for the terms and definitions of flashcards. To do this, type what you need to in the term (or definition) box and select the part of the text you want to format. A bubble menu will show up with options!

    Alternatively, for List, Italics and Bold, you can use the keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl + B, Ctrl + I and type - + for lists. You can even do numbered lists with number + . +

    Improvements & Fixes

    • - Fixed an issue where page would reload before all cards finished importing.
    • - Fixed an issue where the swap button wasn't showing on the immediately added card and only showing up after a full reload.
    • - Fixed accents in Study and Spell mode.
    • - Fixed an issue where swapping cards was only swapping the definition and not the term.
    • - AP Hub is back and open!
    • - Feature Board Site is now located at
    September 18, 2023

    Send a Thanks ❤️ + Better Intelligent Grading + "Explain this"

    Spell Mode

    • Ability to ignore special characters from the answer.
    • Small tweaks to UI, and options moved to a dedicated settings pop up.

    Study Mode

    • Intelligent Grading is disabled by default and is now faster and better at recognizing wrong answers.
    • Notifications can be disabled (distractions?)
    • All text now supports the flashcard text size global setting.
    • The Explain this feature is now available for written response and includes a beautiful generation animation :D

    Flashcard Mode

    • A progress bar is defined by the number of cards answered in each cycle.
    • The ability to swap the view, (terms, definitions)

    Oh, and lastly:

    • The ability to Send a Thanks ❤️ for public studysets

    Improvements & Fixes